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Wednesday, May 26, 2004

This story was sent to me recently through this site:
"I had purchased a copy of " EverCrAcK ". Not really enjoying playing online games in the first place. I figured it was all the rage so i would try it out. ( Almost like drugs, ehh ) Anyway, Almost right away i found myself, always wanting to play. Doesnt matter what i was doing, it was still on my brain. At first, I was only playing for an hour or so a day. That turned in to 2, 4 , 6 - u get the idea. Pretty soon i found myself, playing for almost 50 hrs straight, no sleep.. It was affecting my everyday life. I eventually lost my job, and my girlfriend. Basically had nothing. It was really bad. As my addiction got worse, so did the rest of my life. Thank God my family was around to help me out. We collectively decided, that i would packup my computer, and tv. Just put them in storage for a couple weeks. Just so i had no interferences. After a couple weeks, I was able to get my job and girlfriend back. I pulled my tv out of storage about 3 weeks after putting in, just to have something, right . I have just recently , within the last 2 months, put my PC back together. However, nowadays I dont play any online games, or for that matter, no games @ all. Basically email, and the odd website. That is how i found this site. Once i came across it i had to share my story........... For all those with this problem, even after not playing for almost a year now, I still have a little craving to see how my virutal world is doing.......

Stay Strong, U CAN DO IT .. "


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