It's 10 pm. Do you know where you and your loved ones are? Here is a collection of experiences from those who live / have lived with an obsessive MMOG gamer and from those who have lived the experience of obsessive MMOG gaming.

Saturday, March 27, 2004

I don't really know what to say, I've read a lot of posts and i can relate to a lot of them. My husband was an eq addict, he introduced me to the game, I guess he was tired of me nagging him to get off the computer for a while... lol. so yes I started playing, and for a couple of months I was on most of the time, unless I was taking care of my son or the house, then I started to realize that I was slowly getting sucked in, I lost my friends, my family, my husband, I even forgot who I was. So I stopped playing. I wanted to be a family again, but I guess my husband at that point had other plans, he had met someone on the game. If he wasn't playing EQ then he was on the phone with her and so on... at first I blamed myself, I figured it was something about me. so I started trying... trying what? well I'd try to get him to get out of the house with me, go on family trips, even if its just to a store of for a walk. I even had to work hard to get him to sit at the dinner table with his son and I. but after a while I just gave up, I figured there was nothing I could do. He didn't want to get help, or got to a marriage consoler or any such thing. He said he was in love with this girl. So I told him I was leaving... and I did, It was very hard, I felt guilty for a while, I'm getting better I've been gone for three months.. I don't know why I'm saying all this, its the first time i get it out in the open and I guess I'm just trying to understand it myself as well.

Do I blame the game? Well I used to, but then I think its just a game, there are many people out there that can manage how long they play. Then there are some that lose track of time completely, I thought I was gonna become one of them


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