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Sunday, March 28, 2004

Well its been about 7 months since I left my husband. After a while the anger and hate is less but you still feel the hurt and pain. He wants me to come back, and to give him another chance but i feel so torn. I still dont trust him after him had that little fling, but he wants me to give him another chance. I dont know I just feel so torn apart. Its like I know I shouldnt go back. theres always that 'what if' you know... what if things go back to the way they were, what if he starts spending 10+ hours on the pc again,what if he... he meets someone else and decides to have a fling again, what if... I dont want to go through all that again, and I sure as hell dont want my son living in that kind of inviorment again. But I do want him to have a daddy. I dont know, I'm just rambling. Maybe I'm lonely, Maybe I miss him, maybe i just miss someone, I cant figure it out. anyways, I better call it a night. Anyone have any advice? I would love to hear it.


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