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Friday, March 04, 2005

"Well you'll be glad to know that at least for WoW, server capacity issues is limiting the number of new subscriptions (i.e. CDs are sold out as the servers cannot support new accounts). Also, not to be insensitive, or give you false hope, but at this point, the WoW game isn't nearly developed enough to be a full-time hobby like EQ. If played full-time, would probably take 2 months to finish everything currently available in the game. Literally. Unless you were consistently farming items or gold to auction for real money, in which case I supposed you'd be playing until it no longer made you money. That's how it stands currently, but there will be expansions out in the future for sure that will change this. But I don't see how on the current engine it could consume someone's life full-time for a long period of time like EQ1 did/does. I hope it stays that way.

I played weekends-only for the past 2 months, and I'm at lvl 50 out of 60 with 3 times the "gold" to buy the best weapon available to my class, and I'm basically not sure that I would want to renew my subscription after 3 months since I'd be done with the current content short of joining a raiding guild which I have no intention of doing. Several people I met have already moved to EQ2 or play both simultaneously as this is too "easy" for them. I find this very troubling as it seems that EQ1 has set the "standard," to many people, of how time consuming a MMORPG should be, and there are those who feel that games that are "easier" or go by more quickly are not worth their while. However, I'm not really sure that this can be blamed on Sony; it seems to be more a mentality of certain players who exert peer pressure on others and guilt others into playing with them. It's all very, very sad."

My observation is that there is indeed the tendency for gamers these days to play 2 MMORPGs at the same time, or at least, pay for more than one game subscription. Mostly EQ2 and Wow, but I am sure there are other variations. What is your experience?


Anonymous said...


I play UO. I know I know, why would I want to play UO?

Cause I like to kill miners.

No seriously, I have posted on this website before (EQ story) and I cant fathom having enough time to play two online games. Its insane.

I like UO cause I can actually play for 15 min or 30 min feel like I did something, and go about my day. Much the same way I can play BF Vietnam kill a few people (get killed more then a few times) and go about my day.

Its fantesy, its not supposed to be reality. When that line clouds, you should step back and look at why you are doing what you are doing.

Mar 9, 2005, 10:29:00 AM


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