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Saturday, February 19, 2005

A new article by BBC News Technology that just came out on thursday: Losing yourself in online gaming.

Although it's a well-written article, I will have to disagree with this statement: "Let us be clear - such obsession is rare." And that is referring to a person who still works and has a family. I have met more than my share of EQ players who BELIEVE in all sincerity that they aren't playing obsessively -> but they play as frequently as I used to!? Just because you can still hold on to a job and a family does not mean that you are playing moderately. It may merely mean that you have a very loving and patient family and a boss who still sees some value in you.

P.S.: Have a look at the comments, too. Other comments on this article can be found here (which includes another BBC article about online romance). Caution: some comments are pro-obsessive playing.

Ok, this would explain why there were suddenly 1000+ hits on this site on wednesday :P


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