It's 10 pm. Do you know where you and your loved ones are? Here is a collection of experiences from those who live / have lived with an obsessive MMOG gamer and from those who have lived the experience of obsessive MMOG gaming.

Monday, January 03, 2005

"I have to wonder if anyone in a relationship with EQ can function long enough to have a normal holiday. My boyfriend announced that he wanted to spend the holidays with me so I stayed home instead of going out of town like i'd planned to see family. Then two days ago he announced that he is making it an EverQuest Christmas and he's been on that damn pc for 6 hours already - which means i have about 8 more to go before i see him. he has also made it clear that he does not want to celebrate at all including presents. Apparently leaving the house to buy your gf a christmas present is far to much to ask from someone as important as he is in this freakin game. i got him something anyway - but i dont think im giving it to him - how can i when he's glued to his computer desk demanding the occasional mtn dew or snack. next time im going out of town i bet he wont even notice im gone."


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