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Monday, January 02, 2006

There will always be good articles that I missed out on ... this one's an interesting perspective, since it's coming from RPG Expert, a site focusing on tips & tricks for popular MMORPGs. The article is a bit old (September 2003) but hasn't lost any relevance. Out of these 10 reasons, at least 7 of them turned me off Everquest eventually.

"RPG Expert - EverQuest - Reasons to Quit EverQuest

1. The game is extremely repetitive in nature. Go over there, kill the monster, loot it, wash, rinse and repeat over and over and over.

2. Your work will suffer. If you work near a computer you will waste work time going to or to look stuff up. You’ll come home during lunch to see if the spawn you are camping is up. You’ll take sick days when your guild has a big raid. I’m telling you.. your work will suffer.

3. Your family will suffer. Faction with your wife will plummet to an all time low. Girls already have this innate need to feel they are the most important thing in your dang life. Anything that creeps up to take No.1 place, bumping them out, will make them jealous. They will grow to hate the game and resent anything related to EverQuest. She will use EverQuest in arguments over and over, claiming it’s more important that your family. And she’ll be right.

4. It’s a poor excuse of a hobby. I tried using this as an excuse to play. “Honey, it’s a hobby. If I were fishing or some other hobby, you wouldn’t complain.” These days, nobody considers computer games a hobby unfortunately. Hobbies typically have something to show for your efforts I hear. What do you have to show for your effort on EverQuest? What? A 65th level Woof Elf Ranger with lots of nice gear? See what I mean?

5. It will make you fat. Sheez, look at all the EverQuest Conventions pictures. All fat people. You can’t put in a lot of time playing and not weight under 200 pounds, unless you are anemic or something.

6. Lack of sleep. EverQuest comes alive after about 10pm. The time zone changes with all the guild members makes for long nights raiding. You have dark circles under your eyes. You walk around in a stupor for the first few hours of the day because you were in a great group until 2 am and didn’t want to log.

7. Waste of money. Don’t make me add all this up. Costs about $12 per month, that’s $144 a year. Basic game cost me $30, plus every expansion (basic, Kunark, Luclin, Velious, LoY, Planes of Power... and now LDoN) that came out (about $30 an expansion on average) equals $150 soon to be $180. I got a character banned, so I bought me another one for $150. Character was stripped so I had to buy some platinum online, which was another $150. Found a few choice items at I had to buy, $75. Geez.. I cold have bought a motorcycle with the money I have spent so far.

8. You can’t explore other good games when you are devoting 40 hours a week playing EQ. Oh yeah, you download the demo and goof around with it for 10 minutes, but you are not really digging into it. Aw, this game sucks.. back to EQ. Pretty soon you are saying to yourself, “Sheez, Anarchy Online stole that idea from EverQuest. EverQuest is the game you judge all others by.

9. You want to talk to others about EverQuest who don’t play. They think you are a real freak as you tell them the game is so cool and in depth. Make sure to mention EQ weddings, the jewelry with special stats and effects, all your good friends in your guild, and how you have mastered the trade skills of baking and pottery. Oh no, this doesn’t sound strange to anyone.

10. You become anti-social to people you can touch. You really find your EQ friends more enjoyable than real life people. You work on finding a mate on EQ so you can group together, have a wedding and crap like that. You are conversing more in private chats with someone than you do in real life. Now, tell me that isn’t odd.

The list can go on and on. Oh, don’t think I am going to quit anytime soon. I just got I a great guild, hit level 65, and I met this chick in-game who really looks hot. I’m here for the long haul.

Stay safe and happy hunting"


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