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Monday, December 12, 2005

Here is a news item I stumbled upon by pure chance - which feeds into what I said in the previous post about loneliness...

Tech guru dials into gaming's social side
Quote: "Hawkins started to feel that something about video games was lacking. Madden Football might be astoundingly realistic, yet it's played by only about 5% of the people who watch the Super Bowl, Hawkins says. Participants in fantasy leagues - a very low-fidelity activity based on statistics from real football games - outnumber video game football players 3 to 1.... So, Hawkins spent time thinking about what people need, not just want. As we become more mobile, 'There's a loneliness we feel in our society,' Hawkins says. 'We want to grab onto what we've lost.'"

Needless to say... stay tuned?


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