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Sunday, August 07, 2005

There are a few questionaires / surveys out there that you can take to find out if you are addicted to the Internet or videogames. Although useful, I never found them to be really convincing or thought-provoking enough to make me realize that I had better do something during my obsessive EQ gaming phase. I like science like everyone else, but I think when it comes down to more emotional matters, sometimes less objective measures can go a longer way. Anyways, I'm babbling, sorry :)

Here are a couple of questions that come to my mind if I were to design a questionnaire for MMORPGers:

1. What are the first 10 things you do when you get up? Does any of it involve turning the computer on and checking either a message board, a site or the game?
2. Have you ever sat in front of the computer (reading guild posts or logging into the game) in your pyjamas?
3. Have you ever played the game in the dark?
4. Do you leave things (books, plates, cans) next to your computer at times because you did not have the time to get up and put them where they should go?
5. Have you been lately getting extremely bored whenever you sit down with family or friends over dinner and listen to their discussions?
6. Have you ever masturbated while playing the game?
7. Have you created a To Do list for the things you need to get done online?
8. Did anything in game ever make you so mad that you felt like you had to scream or hit the table/wall?
9. Do you feel lonelier when you log out of the game?
10. Do you feel you have a hard time shutting off the computer?

No test results. Just answering the questions should offer some insights.


Anonymous Alistair said...

Ouch, some of those make me think. More than I want to, really. I think I answered an affirmative to all of those except the hitting wall/table one..

Aug 9, 2005, 4:23:00 AM

Blogger J said...

Yea... on the risk of sounding like I'm stereotyping, the last item may apply more males than females. That's the only thing I haven't done, too.

Aug 9, 2005, 5:07:00 AM

Blogger J said...

Not the last item, my mistake - number 8, like Alistair said.

Aug 9, 2005, 5:10:00 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

so you are both agreeing to masturbating while playing?

Aug 26, 2005, 7:06:00 PM

Blogger J said...

Agreeing to do it or agreeing to having done it? Two very different animals :)

I don't have the need / opportunity to do it anymore given the fact that I neither have any urge to play MMORPGs nor the desire find online "love".

Aug 29, 2005, 1:44:00 PM

Anonymous Nick said...

Hmm. Here we go:
1. I turn on the monitor to see what has downloaded. Depending on what I've been playing lately, i might log onto 2 forums. Occasionally i log into the game/teamspeak to find out what's been happening.
2. I don't wear pajamas ;o)
3. Yes
4. Yes, but more because i can't be bothered. It usually gets done when i head for the kitchen for food
5. No, i play MMORPGs as much for the interaction with other people, about more topics then just game related ones. Therefore I still retain an interest in world affairs.
6. Hmm. Kinda :op
7. No
8. Yes, but it usually isn't the online ones that make me wanna break things.
9. Not particularly
10. The computer only goes off when it gets rebooted, or the power drops - so yes, I suppose i might have a problem one day.

Note: I play more then one game. Currently: Eve-Online, BF1942, BF2, Guild Wars (but not much lately).

Aug 31, 2005, 10:51:00 PM


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