It's 10 pm. Do you know where you and your loved ones are? Here is a collection of experiences from those who live / have lived with an obsessive MMOG gamer and from those who have lived the experience of obsessive MMOG gaming.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

"I've been married nearly a year to an EQ addict. He claimed he was not an addict (which we both know he is) and quit the game twice to prove me wrong. Most recently he stopped playing for nearly 6 months.... He tried other games and (since he has been playing games since a tot) beats them very quickly. EQ is ever changing and this is the reason he enjoys it so much. So about 2 weeks ago we discussed him playing again and came up with a contract we both helped create and both signed. So far it has been working out pretty well with a few hitches.... I don't want to limit his fun but at the same time I don't want our relationship to suffer (and neither does he), so in the contract I reserve the right to cancel his account at any point. One thing I have learned in the years of knowing my husband and trying NOT to know about EQ is that the game quickly overtakes everything else. It's very addicting and your BF, husbands and wives that become addicted are changed by the game, namely (in my experience) becoming more manipulative and quick to anger. Be honest, lay down ground rules and demand the game leave your life if necessary. Speaking from past experience if you don't you'll be miserable, he'll be miserable and the relationship will suffer. Good luck!"

Here is the "contract" that she and her partner created together, "with sarcasm and humor but also a lot of truth and seriousness" (in her own words). Thank you!

"Throughout this contract “you” refers to Person A and “me” refers to Person B. These rules are in no way a means for Person B to control or to limit Person A’s fun. They are necessary so that Person A can have his fun but also keep a balance in his life and keep Person B happy. We both agree that EQ can become a force in one’s life, sucking precious time away from more important things. This is a means to prevent that from ever happening again. :)

EQ rules and regulations:

1. EQ playtime (including playing, searching websites, ANYTHING EQ related) will be limited to 2 nights during the week (Monday-Thursday) from 7-10pm (in bed no later than 10 30) and one night (Friday or Saturday) no later than 2am.
2. No EQ activity on Sunday, the ONLY exception to this rule is if during the week you don’t get one of your two nights playtime or your late night. The play on Sunday is limited to 3 hours and no play later than 10pm (like weeknight).
3. On the morning after the “late night” you will sleep no later than 10am.
4. No leaving the EQ screensaver/game up. I don’t like it.
5. You will keep an EQ log of all dates and time of activity. Failure to keep an accurate log will result in termination of EQ account.
6. You will ask if there’s anything that needs to be done before playing. (chores)
7. You will ask if there’s anything I’d rather do before playing.
8. You will only play (pay for) one account.
9. One time a week you agree to do something nice for me that you normally wouldn’t (i.e. breakfast)
10. Play of any other game is limited to 2 hours per week.
11. No asking me to play...I love you and I love doing stuff with you but I don’t want to play, sorry.

If at anytime you don’t comply with the rules we’ve set forth the account may be terminated. If at anytime your mood changes or you seem to “want” to play or you ask to play during non-designated time the account may be terminated.

We agree that these rules are in place out of respect for each other and our relationship and as a proactive way to prevent any disagreements, hurt feelings or resentment.

This contract may be updated if necessary and agreed upon by both parties.

Person A, gamer

Person B, anti-gamer"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I guess it's pretty obvious who's at the controls here...

Mar 16, 2008, 2:35:00 AM


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