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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

An interesting little discussion is unfolding in the comment section of a post not too long ago which reminded me of a simple math exercise I was doing to demonstrate the impact of playing MMORPGs.

Nick Yee states that the average time played for MMORPGs is 21.6 hours. Another study states 20-25 hours, plus 10-15 hours on Internet use (probably chatting with other MMORPGers or researching). I personally think that an average MMORPG player spends more likely around 30-40 hours a week playing or researching the game. At the height of my playing I easily spent 50+ hours during work weeks and 70-80 hours during vacation weeks. I read many posts where other players have stated the same. So with all this in mind, consider this:
A week has 168 hours in total. Out of that, use:
40 hours for work
10 hours for commuting (1 hour each way for 5 days)
42 hours for sleeping (6 hours / day)
Average playing time: 30 hours a week (10 hours each weekend day, 3 hours each day)
= 122 hours in total

Which leaves 46 hours = approx. 6.57 hours/day for EVERYTHING else (eat, clean & dress, do housechorse, pay bills, socialize, take care of kids/pets/parents)

or 4.57 hours/day if you are sleeping for 8 hours.

And that’s assuming you work only 40 hours a week!

And that is not even counting “research” & discussions on the game / guild boards!
(I did say it was simple math!)

It's only logical that something will suffer if the person is married, has kids, works full-time and plays MMORPG enough to keep up with other MMORPGers.

Sometimes simply keying in /played helps put things in perspective. Or if you really want to know, track your time played every day. Then think: Would you spend the same amount of time weekly pursuing another hobby (golf, sports, TV, drinking)?

There may be a nasty surprise. If not, good for you!


Blogger Portia said...

What hobby consumes 3-4 hours a day? What golfer golfs 3 or 4 hours every single day? Maybe if they are PGA calibre... Really, no one can sacrifice that much time to an online game and still be a full participant in a fully realized "life' outside their game. The only way is to neglect some aspect of life - work, relationships, parenting, self-improvement, and so on. Gamers are only shortchanging themselves, and, unfortunatley, their loved ones.

Jul 7, 2005, 2:15:00 AM

Blogger J said...

Balance is certainly not a priority. Then again, there are probably non-gamers with the same issue.

Gamers who are single who stop playing obsessively usually comment about the fact that they were glad that they didn't affect anyone else with their devotion to the computer.

Jul 7, 2005, 4:11:00 PM


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