It's 10 pm. Do you know where you and your loved ones are? Here is a collection of experiences from those who live / have lived with an obsessive MMOG gamer and from those who have lived the experience of obsessive MMOG gaming.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

"My hubby started playing almost as soon as WoW came out. Recovering from being a SOCOM II and Final Fantasy Online widow I really tried hard to not get him the game and so I held out till about Christmas....but then his really good friend got it for him....

At first it wasn't so bad, he was getting really addicted and I so didn't understand. I would constantly talk to him about it and get angry 'n he decided that I needed to play to so that I could understand him better. I decided our marriage was worth it, so I joined.

When I joined he was already like 15 levels ahead of me but he was so enthusastic about me playing and excited and helped me level up and stuff that it actually felt good and I felt like at least we were doing it together and I was a part of this crazy gaming world of his.

I got addicted too. I found myself one day sort of 'waking up' after like 12 hours of playing this game. I realized that that week I hadn't cleaned, I hadn't paid any bills and ....the worst thing ... I didn't answer a phone call from my mom. (All my family is in Canada....I live here in the US with my husband and his family as my only family). When I realized what this game had turned me into I immediately quit. I was dreaming about the game, wanting to get back did i ever understand my husband!

But seeing myself reduced to that...I also realized how sickened I was by the addiction and disgusted that I could become that sort of person. Thank goodness we don't have children....

So situation is this: I still play from time to time..I'm a lvl 31 undead warlock. But I try to play maybe once a week or so (because it never fails to make me stay on for like over 5 hrs at a time..which i Hate). My husband is now a level 57 undead rogue and still as addicted as always.

The only thing is that now he can't lie to me anymore. That's something I realized too...he used to lie to me (like saying 'oh baby I can't pause the game, I'm not safe' and I'd believe him) and now I can totally debate about how long it actually takes to get to a safe spot and stuff and basically judge when he actually CAN pause the game or not.

Likewise I know that when he says 'oh baby, I'm just going to do this instance really quick' I know that means like 3-4 hours because no instance is short. So...I have the lingo pretty down pat and I find that SOOO helpful.

Even armed with that though, I still feel lonely often. I have chosen to ... totally let him know how I feel. The thing is, he doesn't see it as wrong. For him it's his way of having 'down time' whereas I watch tv for mine."


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