It's 10 pm. Do you know where you and your loved ones are? Here is a collection of experiences from those who live / have lived with an obsessive MMOG gamer and from those who have lived the experience of obsessive MMOG gaming.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

"It is strange isn't it-how we put up with this kind of stuff in the name of love. I am a true co-dependent. I came from an alcoholic family. I am so much against alcohol. When I found a man that didn't drink at all I thought I had the grand prize. He is a good man- his only fault is that dumb game that he plays to excess- It is funny but my shrink pointed out to me that I was with an addict- I did not see it as that- But it is the same. I don't think he can quit and the best thing for me to do is get out and move on. I have a good job-lots of friends, I am a very social person. I love people and I love life. He only wants to stay on that dumb game. He prefers cartoon characters to me and the kids. Since I blew my stack he has started getting off to eat with us when the kids are around but if they aren't home he eats at the computer-He does not even go to the bathroom. Anyway I am rambling but this is probably the saddest thing I have been through. To have to sit back and see a man waste his entire life away playing a game that will only cost him the family he says he loves. I do believe he loves us- I know he loves me but he lovesEverquest so much more. So what do I do? Right now I have given this to my higher power- I am living my own life the best way I can- he will not ruin me- Hopefully he will change but I don't see that happening.


I did leave for three weeks- He cried like a baby- I have my own home and for soem reason I have never sold it. So I came home went to work and stayed busy with my job, kids, friends etc. I was happy- I really was but there is this co-dependent in me. When someone needs me I go to go take care of them. It was Christmas time, family was coming so it was only supposed to be to put up a front for them. He was a good boy- we had a wonderful holiday, he did not play everquest- We had good quality family time and time with each other.So I went back and the New Years weekend on New Years eve he left me sitting while he played that game for over 12 hours. The next day I packed up and came home. He starts telling me how he will die without me. So I decided to only go see him on weekends ( which is when he really plays EQ) We made a compromise- see he says I am being unreasonable by complaining- he lets me do my thing- live my life. My life is normal- I work a full time job, go to aerobics three nights a week take care of a ... daughter, run three miles twice a week, and I go to Church. I visit friends and I have fun that I consider to be normal. I take care of him cleanhouse cook--- I do not play a game or do anything 12 hours a day and neglect him. So back to the compromise- He has to spend time with me and I will tell him when to get off that game. Well It worked for two weekends but the minute I come back to my house- he plays it non-stop until he goes to work. He looks like an addict when I see him- he needs a fix- So here I am. At my home trying to figure out what to do next. I love him- he is a good man- the only bad thing about him is this game- He loves the kids so much- is a good provider- has a good job and is totally unselfish about eveyhting but EQ. He seems to think it is real that he owes these fake people something. Anyway I will make a decison soon.... I will not look back. I can forgive but not forget the many times he has left me for that game. So he may just have to count on his guild to take care of him when he gets old and sick because the kids are tired of him and I am getting there."


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