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Monday, February 06, 2006

Hmmm... Google API, what to do, what to do... of course, it's natural to work on something that relates to your world... and for some, that world appears to be virtual.... Google Map of World of Warcraft

And if you need any further proof that WoW and MMOGs in general are becoming more mainstream:

-- WORLD OF WARCRAFT HITS EUROPEAN MILESTONE (February 6, 2006): "...surpassed the one million customer milestone in Europe, more than quadrupling the previously estimated size of the entire European MMORPG market since its launch in February 2005.... Worldwide, the game has a growing audience of more than 5.5 million customers..."

-- I recently saw a preview of a movie called "Stay Alive", about a group of teenagers who play this videogame and find out that they die when their characters die... well, the typical horror schlock movie. The plot summary and trailer can be be found at I haven't figured out if the game is supposedly an MMOG or not but the friends seem to be playing it with each other over the Internet.


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