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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

"I have played WoW since the Beta was available for european gamers. I liked it vermy much and enjoyed beeing part of an online world. Since the realase in Feb 2004 (again european servers) I played like mad. I brought 5 Characters to the max level, was second in command of the most competitive guild on the server. My online times grew constantly, from 2or 3 hours a day in the begining to about 13 or sometimes even 20 or more hours per day. ( I also refused to sleep and stayed awake more than 24 hours gaming sometimes :(

I completly alienated from my social contacts ( There was no time to meet real life people), not to mention my grades (not sure bout the word) at college.

I played literally day and night, even to such an extent that I got ( and still suffering from) health problems.

`Then came the fatefull day:
My Girlfriend left my and told me that she does not want to see me ever again. It hit me badly. I never ever could have mentioned that my sweety could actually LEAVE. I paniked and beged her to stay with me and cried and all that and she told me that I have to delete all my Chars. I was crying, It really hurted me cause those things were so important to me , BUT I did it. She left two weeks later for another guy :( but thats anothr story

Now I´m sitting at home realising that the first computer game i have ever played (I didnt have any games on my pc before wow) has totally ruined my life. I lost my friends, family, and my girlfriend due this game. I have some health problems, and lost about 1 and a half year from my Collegue Semesters. I have lost much more than just the actuall time I have spend. I know all that and it drives me crazy. But the reason why I`m posting here is that I need an answer how to get rid off this emptyness I feel. And how to bear all the pain I have inflicted to myself because of my gaming habits. Right now I have a new WoW account in my Hands and I have to figth wih myself not to reinstall it. To me it seems there is nothing left in my life expect the game. It really frightens me to read what I wright here.

So I hope this makes any sence ( grammaticaly )

I just wanted someone to know about my situation cuz I`m feeling really lonely now and dont know anyone to talk to."


Blogger The Seeker said...

Although not to such an extent, I too had been a hardcore gamer quite a while ago and contrary to you, I didn't even have a girlfriend.

When I look back on those days now, I regret all the time I lost just playing games, because in the end, they don't offer anything at all.

My advice to you is try to socialize. Even through games you can manage that. If you can develop a friendship with a casual player you can follow him to his other interests. You can also pick up a new hobby/activity and meet new people from there.

Feb 1, 2006, 1:54:00 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

My advice to you is: "Get a grip."

What are you sad about? Take a really close look. Are you sad about the relationships you forged in the game? Are you sad to see your accomplishments washed away?

Forget socializing, as that will just bring you down. Socializing is overrated. You socialize when you are playing WoW and you socialize when you are at school and at work. You don't need to set aside special time to socialize, unless you meet someone special. Got it?

Go back to school. Your blog was painful to my nit-picky grammar and spelling sensibilities. Finish school and get a job that you love. One that has TANGIBLE rewards, unlike WoW.

Once you have a good job that you are good at, you have friends who you can meet with physically without a plane ride, and some love comes back into your life... *schedule time* for playing games and don't go outside that. 2-3 hours per session, 3-4 times a week should allow you to enjoy your game without impinging upon your ability to spend time doing other meaningful things.


Feb 7, 2006, 9:23:00 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good for you for realizing there is more to life than games, it's scary but you have the rest of your life to make up for lost time. You are lucky that you are at college still, there are tons of clubs and social activity opportunities there that you could get involved with. Check out the list of clubs at your student union and pick out that sound interesting and just drop in. That way you can spend time doing something you enjoy (or learning something new and fun to take up the void of gaming) and probably meet new people too (perhaps even some nice girls? :-)) Maybe give the gaming societies a miss though... If you know you'll just get drawn in again, even 2-3 hours a week might be too much for you.

Apr 16, 2006, 4:12:00 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can relate to your feelings, because I too am a recovering game addict.

Like you, I lost friends, including a sweetheart, a job, I lost tons of weight, developed insomnia, and even lost contact with my own family.

Game addiction is like any other addiction; Alcohol, drugs, porn, it's the same thing, a disease if you will, and the only cure is to quit, period! Throw out ALL your games and take your life back!

It WILL be hard, but it can be done. There is no middle ground once your addiction gets to the point where you lose friends, your health fails, your diss your classes, etc, etc. You have to quit 100%.

I look back at all the years I wasted playing games and I wish I could go back and relive those days, but I can't.

So, whatever games you have, break them and throw them in the trash, now! Take your life back and live! You can do it. I did and many others have.

God Bless!

May 6, 2006, 2:05:00 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I always thought that i could never get adicted to anything until i almost lost my girlfreind who i have been with for quite some time and i lost alota freinds and contacts due to my painfull adiction to Ever Quest.

since you realize your wasting your life on the game the hard part is already out of the way, now you just need to stop for good.

i put all my Online games in the garbage right away and never lookeded back cause if you do they will taunt you back. Online video games are very hard to stop playing because their is no pause in a game that simulates real life and they develepers always add more stuff to the game so that you never can actualy beat it, their is however a pause button on consols like Playstation, thats what i did its a nice way to help you stop playing without the feeling of needing to go back because you get your "fix". Working on my car is somthing i also enjoy much so i spend more time wrenching on it now too to help fill time and i talk to people where ever i go and im re-establishing my list of freinds slowly but surely.

Summed up, just stay away from online games and dont be afraid to use your pause button to go hang out with your current/future freinds and family, the game will wait for your life this way not the other way around.

May 9, 2006, 5:38:00 PM

Anonymous free mmorpg said...

Go out and meet people!!!

I play mmorpg´s and i dont stop to meet people. I have a girlfriend and i´m hapy. The game its just a game... Dont stop living your life

Dec 8, 2008, 5:31:00 AM


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