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Friday, February 24, 2006

Humans ignore the evidence of their own eyes to create a fictional stable world
In certain circumstances people do not even notice if a room grows to four times its size via Pasta&Vinegar
"The Virtual Reality Research Group in Oxford used the latest in virtual reality technology to create a room where they could manipulate size and distance freely. They made the room grow in size as people walked through it, but subjects failed to notice when the scene around them quadrupled in size. As a consequence, they made gross errors when asked to estimate the size of objects in that room.
These results imply that observers are more willing to adjust their estimate of the separation between the eyes or the distance walked than to accept that the scene around them has changed in size,’ says Dr Glennerster. ‘More broadly, these findings mark a significant shift in the debate about the way in which the brain forms a stable representation of the world. They form part of a bigger question troubling neuroscience – how is information from different times and places linked together in the brain in a coherent way?’"
Why the heck am I posting this?
Well, I automatically started pondering about the implications of this finding... what might this mean with regards to any experiences in a virtual world? How many of our perceptions and deductions made in virtual space are "adjusted" by ourselves without our own awareness?


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