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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Sometimes the obvious really doesn't hit you in the face until someone else brings it up. I am not a big fan of main media reporting about "MMOG addiction" because either the issues get dumbed down or it is painfully clear that a hidden agenda prevails.

Apparently the "addicted to WoW" has made it to the daily talkies via Tyra Banks which (going back to the obvious) made me realize that I had not thought of searching YouTube for clips MMOG gamers and / or their friends may have made already. So rather than giving you the embedded video for the talkshow segment, here is a link showing the results from my search on "addicted to world of warcraft" and "wow addiction". Look and judge for yourself. Has the time come when partners and friends of out-of-control MMOGers can show what they are going through?

Interestingly enough, searches on everquest did not yield that much.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just went through a divorce as a result of my ex husband's WoW addiction. He pretty much went to work at 8:30am (this was after an hour of trying to get him out of bed) and come home at 4:30pm only to sit at his desk all afternoon well into the wee hours of the morning... Usually around 3am he would finally fall asleep. One night in particular he decided to crap himself (no joke!) because he just couldnt tear himself away from the computer/game to use the toilet like a normal adult, and No he did not suffer from incontinence. His excuse was that he was in a "mission" and couldnt let his team down. That pretty much did it for me! I wheeled him away from his PC and ripped the cords from the wall (I know... major No No) and ended his game for him. By then he was pretty pissed and decided to take a much needed shower. Mind you this man is 32 years old! Long gone are the Potty Training days. I did find out that one of the people that he was "gaming" with was a girl that was fairly local to us and he wanted to meet her. They conducted an online affair and then took it to a higher level.... So this is my WoW Addiction Story. Im happy to report that I finally got my divorce but it took him to tear himself away from the PC to sign the papers.

Apr 17, 2007, 6:11:00 PM


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