It's 10 pm. Do you know where you and your loved ones are? Here is a collection of experiences from those who live / have lived with an obsessive MMOG gamer and from those who have lived the experience of obsessive MMOG gaming.

Monday, March 13, 2006

"Dinner (gotta eat), Movies (appt only please), helping out (when asked). You are not alone. Even though he does these things, I can tell his mind is "elsewhere". I'm doing (or done) my duty, can I go back to playing now? My marriage was 5 months when this started.... What will we do? I am trying to pull away a little so it doesn't hurt so bad. It's the only way I can survive. Is this right? Probably not, but we don't always do the smartest thing when we're in survival mode....

I've talked to him about it. He said he saw part of it, he had been overly obsessed... He seemed to work on trying to spend more time with me. I quit nagging and we are back on the same path again, a little more play time each day. I give up (at least for now). If he's happy with his pixels, I should be happy for him. He is currently the only breadwinner (in a job he HATES) as my business has not quite yet got off the ground, so he should enjoy his free time. This is the way I am struggling to look at it. Many nights I sneak out of bed to go outside and cry so I can get out the anger and get some sleep. I try to wake up with a pleasant tone and try to behave myself and not get angry all day in hopes that he will want to spend time with me (after all who wants to spend time with someone who is always in a bad mood?) and not just feel like he's fulfulling some tedious duty. That's what I've become, a duty, not a desire. I'm trying to do things on my own without waiting for him, it's hard, I want him there so bad. I'm working on it, trying to make him happy in hopes that one day, he'll want to make me happy again, not feel the need to keep me pacified so I quit being b$$tchy."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Everything that you wrote in your post is how I feel day to day. I guess the worst part about the situation is if they were cheating or drinking or doing drugs, you could just point a finger and leave, and start your life all over again. Instead, what they are doing seems harmless enough, but at the same time ruins relationships by this continuous neglect. We love them because they’re good people, talented and smart. Except for one thing, as you said, pixels are more important then real life human beings. That’s one thing that’s always puzzled me about my SO. He could spend 10 hours straight playing the game, and then pick up with me right where he left off, with absolutely no regard how these 10 hours made me feel.

Mar 14, 2006, 12:33:00 PM


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