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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Well, happy belated new year! Not to give the impression that I am a) bored with blogging, b) there are just no new stories about MMOG issues, c) MMOG has overtaken the world like a big brother ... I guess it's just that I am bored with the fact that we as a mass have not gotten any closer to understanding just what is happening to people around us. Although, I have to admit, I found my new favourite term -

pop culture escapism

(or to paraphrase it "nicely",
internal emigration to mass appeal platforms)

Really sums it up nicely for me. Do you have mostly positive or negative feelings associated with pop culture and / or escapism?

A while ago I was interviewed about this blog for a documentary, and although, admittedly, some of my gut reactions definitely results from hurt feelings of vanity ("what? I wasn't interesting enough to be further investigated?"), I cannot help but also feel that some of my ambivalence towards the documentary stems from the fact that the motivations behind the documentary were somewhat obfuscated during the making, leaving me to question whose good it was for in the first place. I guess I wasn't the intended audience as this was clearly for the uninitiated newbie for whom the online gaming world was a shiny ball of vapour. I was hoping for something more. Then again, I seem to be thinking that a lot recently.


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