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Sunday, November 14, 2004

Maybe this explains the motivations behind designing games that are supposed to tie you up for hours at no end...

Here is an article written by a spouse of an Electronic Arts (EA) employee who speaks in no uncertain terms about 85 hours average mandatory weekly work hours for those working in the gaming industry. Considering that most of these people are bright, educated individuals, it's remarkable how much they are willing to put up with without considering unions or other regulating means.

Is it no surprise then that a rather lengthy average gameplay might be shrugged off as "normal" or "part of the deal" when those behind the creation of the computer games are easily squeezing in double the standard work week into one? I have heard of game employees spending time non-stop in front of the computer, much of it for work but the rest pretty much for recreational fun.

I was in a computer store a little while ago and noticed that one of the boxes selling the latest item (don't remember what it was, might have been an optical mouse or videocard) was displaying an airbrushed cartoon image of a young guy playing in front of the computer, surrounded by cans and bottles of what vaguely looked like Mountain Dew and Coke. What was missing was the trays of cigarette ashes and the plates with pizza crust, burger wrappings, and half-eaten sandwiches. I never realized that this imagery might be considered conducive to marketing & sales? But apparently it is. Is it any wonder then that it is considered normal or even cool to spend all hours in front of the computer?


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